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Everything takes forever
framedinlove's journal
Getting started...again... 
12th-Feb-2008 01:31 am

Um. I had no idea it was going to take this long for me to get properly started with this journal of mine. I swear I hadn’t inteded to leave things hanging like this. There was just all this stuff happening in my life and I was always either too busy or too tired (or occasionally both) to attend to the matter. But be that as it may, I’m determined to make this work now that I’m back. 

I think I’ll probably need a couple of days to get organized. I have to learn how to use the lj-cuts and such, and find the right communities and whatnot. And then I’ll hopefully be ready to post something for the public eye to see on Valentine’s Day. (YIKES!) 

So let’s get it cracking!

my king 3 [thorin]
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