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Everything takes forever
framedinlove's journal
General Birthday Happiness 
30th-Mar-2008 01:53 am
This has been the best birthday since I can't even remember when. I slept till noon and loved it. I've been pretty tired lately and it felt heavenly to be able to have a real good night sleep. Then I took my dogs for a walk and the sun was shining and it smelled like Spring for the fist time this year. It was good. I also had a lovely dinner in a nice restaurant in good company. After that we went to see a movie - Stardust, finally - and I was so relieved to find out it was simply awesome. Stardust the book has been so dear to me for so long that it would've been really sad if the movie had been crap. But thank god, it soooo wasn't. It was great! Loved it, I did! And then I got treated with some lovely presents, too. It was a bit weird, though, because I really hadn't been expecting anything, but maybe it's the magical five after the two that did the trick. The coolest one has to be the new tattoo I'm going to get done next Tuesday! Wooohoo! I'm so excited - it's been over a year since I had my last tat done, so I think it's about time to have a new one. *g*

And now that the celebrating is over and the day's embracing the night I come here, and it's like, whoa - amazing! You = amazing! I feel like I'm lacking the words to properly express my gratitude and appreciation. I've had so many people here wishing me happy birthday - and oh my how very happy it's been. Many thanks to you all - you're so lovely and amazing it makes my head spin! I'm so glad to have met you! *hugs you all*

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