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Everything takes forever
framedinlove's journal
Beautiful art is beautiful 
11th-Feb-2010 06:21 pm
Some time ago the incredibly talented, generous and altogether wonderful dontgetanyolder offered to paint me a picture. I totally freaked out with excitement and said something along the lines of "OMGOMGOMG!!! GJFGJFKGD!! It would make me the happiest girl on the planet!". Eventually we ended up doing a trade (which, btw, I find to be an absolutely brilliant idea) and all of a sudden one painting had turned into two and I was building an altar to dontgetanyolder's greatness while in seventh heaven.

Anyhow, I requested a painting and then another of my future husband bb James PJ Ransone. It had been a dream of mine for years to get myself a painting of PJ, and now I actually have two and it makes me so happy I can barely contain myself. *bounces up and down*

And here they are in all their beautiful, masterful, swoontastic glory:

Click on the thumbnails to see full size.

Thank you so much for making my dream come true, sweetie! You're an exceptionally gifted artist, my heroine and I love you! ♥

Also, I warmly recommend checking out dontgetanyolder's art at her journal or at her deviantART site. She's done a
lot BtVS related art and all of her stuff is absolutely amazing!

sad eyes [pj]
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12th-Feb-2010 02:04 am (UTC)
You're most welcome, my dear! As far as I'm concerned, your art should be recced everywhere and to everyone. ♥

I'm sure they will. The thing is, though, my f-listers are all either from BtVS or Kings of Leon fandoms and so while it makes me a bit sad I can understand if they are not too excited about some random dude they've never even heard of. Because nobody ever has (heard of him), dammit! I think PJ needs to hire me as his personal assistant/publicist and I'll make sure he'll be known by everyone! :D

My plan was to post the paintings at pjransone today as well, and I already had the entry ready for posting and all, but then I couldn't find an appropriate tag to go with it and so I PM'd the mod and she hasn't answered me yet so I guess it'll have to wait until tomorrow. But it's definitely coming soon! ;)

Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for these amazing paintings! They are invaluable to me and will be always be loved and cherished.

*hugs and loves*
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16th-Feb-2010 01:35 am (UTC)
You deserve to be spoiled. And encouraged. Every day and all the time. And as far as your art goes, I think that with a talent as remarkable as yours the sky's the limit. *nods*

Omg, I can't wait, it's going to be like Christmas all over again when they arrive! Except with better presents. And better everything. :D (For the record, I had a lovely Christmas, but this is something that simply cannot be topped!)

They do? Oh man, I can't even put it into words how delighted I am to hear about the yowza part! :'D I mean, I go "Yowza!" pretty much every time I see an artwork of yours, but still. PJ love always makes Anni a happy girl! :'D


I'm so glad you like them! And let it be known that it will not be the last package I'm sending to you. :) It's an honor to get to offer a new home for your art. And it's definitely going to be a loving one. *hugs back*

Edited at 2010-02-16 12:48 pm (UTC)
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2nd-Mar-2010 10:06 pm (UTC)
And I don't want to stop it, so I think it works out nicely ! ;D

They arrived yesterday! And I can't get over how incredibly wonderful they are! I shall spare you from a repetition of the embarrassingly long and rambly and sentimental comment I wrote on the subject at your journal yesterday, and just say this: I lovelovelove the paintings! They make me so very happy and are, if possible, even more beautiful in person! I've been like this ever since I got them out of the package:

:D Yessss! PJ is such a charmer! There's no way not to love him once you've been introduced to him. But it still makes me sad that no one ever knows who he is. He's such an amazing actor, and it breaks my fangirl heart that despite of all the amazing roles he has done most of the people are still totally oblivious of his talent.


Absolutely! I'm totally sending you a package for your birthday, for example! :D
Aw, I'm so glad you feel that way! :')

*hugs & kisses*
(Deleted comment)
30th-Mar-2010 10:10 pm (UTC)
Hee, I love that gif. It's like my official PJ adoring gif. I could insert it in any PJ related post ever and it would never look out of place. ;)

Omg, I love your subtle hinting there! xD To be fair, though, I'm rather certain that his publicist is doing a perfectly fine job. I've kinda got the impression that PJ couldn't care less about fame or being a household name. I mean, if he doesn't have a movie/series to promote he tends to vanish off the face of the earth. (I regularly find myself worrying over the possibility that maybe this is the time when he disappears for good. So far, he has always eventually popped up in some movie or a series or a fashion editorial or whatever and I've been able to breathe a sigh of relief. But it's bloody nerve-wracking to be always kept guessing.) And this total lack of interest in being in the public eye has sort of led me to think that maybe it's simply a personal decision of his. At least to a certain point. To mostly stay off the radar and every now and then do another epic part in something really, really awesome. And then disappear again. But this is obviously just me speculating.

12th-Feb-2010 03:56 pm (UTC)
It's wonderful art!
and so good to hear from you darling! *hugs you*
12th-Feb-2010 04:24 pm (UTC)
It truly is, isn't it? I seriously cannot stop staring at them. *happy sigh*
Aw, thanks so much, sweetie! It's lovely to hear from you, too! *hugs back*
Achk, where are my manners - how are you doing?
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